Customize Your Christmas

christmas gift shopping

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, it’s quite easy to get flustered and stuck on what gifts you should buy for friends and family. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as the presents I buy are personalized or tailored to the individuals then I’m in the clear. Unless a family member or dear friend actually asks for a gift card, I’ve definitely come to learn that this just is not one of the best Christmas gift ideas. If you are really in a bind you can always turn to Oprah’s Favorite Things or other popular shows like The Ellen Show, as both release lists as to what they think are the most trendy items of the year, but unfortunately these items usually sell out pretty quickly. Also, this is kind of a last resort as to where I’d recommend looking in regards to Christmas gift ideas. For me, the best thing to do is start that Christmas shopping ahead of time so you’re really able to put thought into what you want to buy for each individual. Often I’ve found that I’ll just be at a store and randomly come upon the gift that’s perfect for the individual hence the import of starting your shopping early. Regardless, just know that your friend or family members will love whatever you get them as long as they can see the thought behind the gift. This truly is what matters. A popular trend today, especially with this economy, is the DIY (“Do It Yourself”) gifts. This is something that has been a great success amongst myself and my family and friends. When someone knows that you’ve spent time and put effort into making something such as a cute necklace or a painted coffee mug, that means even more. There’s also an added shock value which makes me smile every time I give a friend a gift that I’ve made. Pinterest is a wonderful site to finds ideas if you decide to go this route for Christmas gift ideas. Whatever you choose to do just remember that thought it everything! Christmas is about giving, not about the money behind every present under the tree.

My Experience With Portable Air Conditioners


I love traveling and sometime the weather is not very suitable. This made me quite uncomfortable especially when I was in new places. Most upcountry hotel rooms don’t have good thermostats. This has been my real challenge for my traveling until last year when a friend mentioned of existence of some best portable air conditioners for small rooms. I thought it was a joke. I did not believe him.

A portable air conditioner? How does it look? How does it Work? Anyway I decided to go out and explore on their features and performance. Here is my experience with the portable air conditioners I have used so far.

portable air conditioner

EdgeStar 8,000 BTU

I liked this model due to its small size. It is a high performer integrated with some smart features. It has an automatic thermostat and timer. Besides cooling you room this machine play as a dehumidifier when it’s cool outside. I learned its Eco-friendly, it’s said it doesn’t have toxic emissions. It comes with a 3 year warranty. I like the features of this machine.

Global Air – NPA1 8,000 BTU

This is a nice portable air conditioner with 4 way air direction. It is supplemented with a window installation kit that is flexible and easy to attach. Besides serving as a dehumidifier at sleep mode it will still regulate air circulation. It is easy to carry round and can be mounted on a small space. With its efficient timer, you can schedule it on a 24 hour cycle.

Whynter- Eco-friendly 8000 BTU 

I would say this is a top of class machine. It is quite advanced and a bit costly. But I recommend because it is much sleek and weighs only 47.50 lb. Its filters are washable and you don’t have to worry of leaking when using it. Its programming is very friendly and its thermostat is very efficient. It is automated and will detect any leaks and give warnings. It’s super silent and will serve a room of up to 300 square feet.

These are some of the best portable air conditioners for small rooms I managed to try. I liked them and would recommend them to you. They will give you room the best air regulation you have been longing for. Most of them are multi-functional to act as a dehumidifier and are self-evaporative. They will give you good result at very little cost. You will surely like them.


Stand mixer is a wonderful invention

Best kitchen stand mixer are a wonderful invention. They are a big kitchen appliance that has a bowl, arm, and beaters that mix ingredients for us while we are doing other things. They save us time and are a must in the modern kitchen of today.

With a good one of these, you will never have to mix by hand again. But choose a bad one and a fork will serve you better. This guide is to help you choose the best kitchen stand mixer for your needs and budget. Because buying 3 of them over a few years will not be cheap.

using mixer

If you bake or cook all the time and love to entertain many people at once then look into the 6 or 7-quart models. These can handle the big jobs. However, if you aren’t too serious and never do large batches, then a 4-quart model should be perfect for you.

Also, if you do a lot of meat grinding for sausages, juicing for fruit drinks or dough for bread then definitely look into the available attachments. There are many such as a juicer, grinder, hook, rod, whisk, etc. These make life a lot easier instead of having to buy all these appliances. Some brands even provide attachments with their mixers.

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The wattage of the mixer is one of the most important features and again they range from around 300 to 900 watts. If you don’t do anything too drastic, 300 will be fine. If you love making German-style whole-wheat bread, then definitely get a 900-watt machine.

Stand mixers tend to be very heavy which makes them hard to move around but is very good for its overall performance. The heavier it is, the more you can be rest assured that it will work well and last a long time.

Looks are another important consideration that many people forget to mention. What color is your kitchen? What colors will look silly and will clash with it? Thankfully, stand mixers now come in a very wide variety of colors ranging from sea-foam green to dark silver and everything in-between. So take your time and choose a nice complimentary color wisely.