Our Pots And Pans Looked As Old As Our Antique House!


I have done a lot of cooking in my life. I raised a large family in our beautiful, clean antique home. Truth be told, if you looked in our kitchen you would have seen pots and pans that looked as old as the house! It didn’t seem to matter how often I replaced them. Handles would break, pans dropped and dented, non-stick surfaces chipped off. It was crazy! Then, one day the County Fair came to town. The demonstration using All Clad Cookware caught my eye. I listened and watched. After the demonstration I looked at the different pans. The handles were sturdy, metal like the pan. I could tell they would not break off!

The stainless steel shined and I admired the look of copper which some of the pans had on the exterior. The price though, outrageous. This wasn’t the cheap discount store pan I could throw out after it wore out! I left the fair without buying a thing. Later in the evening, I did some research. All Clad Cookware was originally designed for professional cooks. Stainless steel is called stainless because it resists cooking stains and rust. It is versatile, can go from the stove top to the oven. Great for keeping food warm! It’s a mixture of metals. I never liked cooking with straight aluminum because of health concerns!

All Clad has numbers, relating to quality. For example 18/10. The first number relates to chromium content. This metal helps resist rust and corrosion. The second number relates to the nickel content. Nickel gives shine and adds to the protective layer. I went back to the fair the next day and studied the pans in detail. They were constructed well and looked beautiful. I purchased a basic set to get my collection started. I have added to it over the years, never having to replace one, or throw any out! I love them and the price? Well, at the risk of sounding cliché, it’s true, sometimes you get what you pay for!

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Can’t Do Without The Delonghi Espresso Maker Now

I recently realized that I couldn’t do without coffee. Whenever I failed to take a cup of coffee in the morning before class, I always felt inactive and sort of lazy. It was a bit hard to rush to this restaurant a few miles back to get a cup of coffee before I could make it to class in time. So I saved some money and bought this Delonghi espresso machine. This coffee maker was not only affordable but also easy to use.

The espresso machine enabled me to upgrade from my usual instant coffee to much stronger brews like the espresso and cappuccino. Better still, I could now make my own coffee at home and in turn get to class early.

The Delonghi espresso machine is pump driven with a 15 pump bar pressure. It also has dual thermostats that regulate steam and water temperatures. One of the features that I liked was its durable stainless steel boiler that ensured use of the machine for a long period of time. Its water reservoir is quite size-able and can make up to 9 shots before a refill. It also has an adjustable frother and removable drip tray and water tank that makes it easy to clean. The adjustable swivel jet frother enables you to easily prepare fluffy and frothy milk that makes good cappuccino. Another key feature was its self-priming operation; there is no waiting for the boiler and the substance in it to get to the correct temperature. You simply get your coffee faster.
I have been using the Delonghi espresso machine for about 6 months now and am still enjoying the same quality drink. If you are craving for a strong espresso or a cappuccino; this machine will provide you with delicious and smooth shots with every single grind. This espresso machine will simply give you value for the money you spend.

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Omega Juicers offer quality to be appreciated


One of the leading brands in the juicing industry, Omega Juicers is admirable in the variety and quality of juicers they offer. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to use quite a number of their different offerings. There are numerous shining aspects about Omega Juicers. Although much fewer, there are also the inevitable flaws in these juicers.

I grew particularly fond of the Omega J8006 masticating juicer when I got to use it. What makes it so splendid is the delicious juice it produces. The Omega J8006 grinds vegetable and fruits with an auger that moves at 80 RPMs and is therefore a slow juicer. The advantage of this is that the juice does not oxidize as much and therefore tastes fresh and pleasant. The juice from the Omega VRT350 is just as delicious, but this juicer has a much more interesting vertical design. As it is more compact, it takes up much less space on your kitchen counter. The Omega VRT350 actually makes the juicing process easier because gravity can aid the process. Even my very leafy vegetables where masticated very easily with this one. Again, the Omega J8004 offers the advantage of fresher juice, but it is much kinder for those with tight budgets. These are only a few of the admirable juicers from this brand.

That said, Omega Juicers are not without disadvantages. The price is the greatest setback for most people but I believe, for the quality they offer, the prices are fairly reasonable. Another problem with these juicers is that they make a quite a bit of noise when being used. Also, the fact that some of the juicers have a plastic exterior makes them slightly less durable if not used carefully.

I believe the quality these Omega Juicers offer should truly be appreciated. They can make some improvements, but in the meantime I, and many others, will be enjoying the splendid drinks from these juicers.

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My Restaurant Business is Doing Extremely Well

When I graduated from college, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. For starters, I wasn’t going to seek employment and have someone command me all the time. I had witnessed hectic employment is when I took up jobs in the restaurants during school holidays. Secondly, I wasn’t going to let life pass me by as the other people chase wealth. This meant only one thing: establishing my business from scratch and building it into a chain of restaurants across the country.

As they say, every dream is valid as long as you are willing to do what it takes to get you there. Among the things that would make my restaurant flourish is doing what other restaurant owners do but in a different way. In that case, I decided to invest in all the necessary kitchen appliances such as rice cookers. I wanted my rice to be different, well cooked and not sticking like the ones I had eaten in numerous restaurants in the town. I had also discovered that rice could be too firm or annoyingly soft. A restaurant is all about food and the tastier and nutritious the food is, the more one is likely to attract.


I set out to purchase various brands of the rice cooking machine. Some of my friends had recommended that I try Panasonic rice cookers saying that they would deliver exactly what I wanted and that they are exceptionally durable. While I kept this piece of advice in mind, I wasn’t going to put all my eggs in one basket. This is why I made a decision to buy two more pieces of Aroma rice cookers to complement the other brands. Thankfully, I haven’t been disappointed at all. There is always enough rice regardless of the number of customers at any given time.

These useful machines allow my kitchen staff to prepare rice without the need to check it regularly. The rice warmers are designed with an in-built thermostat as well as automatic shut-off functions that ensure that each rice grain is cooked using perfect temperature without the risk of scorching or burning. This means that one can concentrate on other dishes and thus serve the customers more efficiently. Besides, they free up cooking space which makes it easier for the workers to prepare meals in a timely manner. Thanks to the wide variety of quality rice warmers on the market, finding the right one for your business is extremely easy.

Besides, I even use mine as holding containers because of their keep warm feature which maintains food in the perfecting temperature for serving. Looking back, I thought that I was spending a fortune on these items, but I am so happy that I did it.


How Jen Altman helped us get the best blenders


My daughter called from New York the other day. She said she was getting chunks of tomatoes and other vegetables whenever she would try to make a puree. She was quite fed up with her old blender and wanted a new one. She was looking for suggestions from me. She said she remembered never having vegetable chunks in purees whenever I used my blender, and wanted to know which blender I had. After all those years of marriage, she had forgotten small things at home.

I told her about the blender that was with me for nearly the past decade. It had never failed me, whether I was making a puree, chili, smoothie or pesto. I also told her that the old blender I had didn’t have many new features that later models had, and though it was working fine, I was also looking for a new one. So we both decided to go online that same day, and try and locate an authentic website that had unbiased opinions about blenders. Before that, we thought we would ask around how friends had purchased theirs, whether online or through retail stores, and if online which site they searched.

After an hour or two, we decided to go online. Most of our friends had suggested best blender reviews by Jen altman, since they opined that she provided unbiased selections of blenders for both countertop and immersion models. I wanted a new countertop, while my daughter wanted both the immersion and countertop. She wanted the immersion for small blends like soup creaming etc. I wanted my blender to knead well, while my daughter wanted one that could also crush ice well and not turn it into liquid. We both needed blenders that were easy to clean though, and were within affordable price range.


Well, Jen Altman’s website had the best blenders under different categories as per our requirement. For instance, it had the best countertop blenders, best hand blenders, smoothie blenders and many more. We decided to log into the most popular and best selling blenders page and see what others had chosen. We read reviews on the top models at other sites as well.
For the sake of variety and comparison, we chose #1 and #2 among countertop blenders in the best selling scale. My daughter took the #2 while I went with #1. When it came to choosing the immersion model though, since she didn’t have me around this time, she chose #1.

We have been both using our blenders for the past year now and are still undecided who has the better one. She says her blender does whatever mine does, if not better. I feel things cannot get better with mine, but choose to remain silent. When it comes to the immersion though, I don’t have much to say since I don’t use one, but with her going nuts, I think I will also get one for myself. Thanks to best blender reviews by Jen Altman, we both could locate blenders that were the best ones available in the market.

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Why I adore my Delonghi Espresso coffee machine


I am a complete coffee addict, there is no denying it. I just love coffee and to be honest I probably drink far too much of the stuff. The first thing I do every morning is make myself a cup of coffee. Therefore as a little treat to myself, I recently bought a Delonghi espresso machine. I really need that extra caffeine hit of a morning in order to wake myself up. All I can say is that I love my new coffee machine, and I now wonder why it took me so long to buy one. Here are the reasons why I love it so much.

It looks great sat on my kitchen counter; it is all shiny stainless steel, I could look at it all day. But of course, the main thing is that it makes fantastic tasting espresso. It is also incredibly quick, I never knew that you could make a cup of coffee so fast. I can usually have a cup of espresso in my hands within a minute of switching the machine on. All I have to do is pour the coffee in and press the start button. I am usually hopeless with gadgets, so the easier the machine is, the better, and this coffee make thankfully, is a really easy machine to use.

One of the other major perks for me is that it is also really easy to clean. It is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and there is a removable drip day, that I usually empty at the end of each night. So it really is stress free coffee making.

So why did I choose a Delonghi espresso machine? Well everyone I suppose has heard of Delonghi, they have a good reputation and so therefore I knew that what I would be buying would be good quality. Secondly, a friend of mine had recently bought a coffee machine by Delonghi and she raved about how easy it was ti use.

All I can say is that I am so happy I decided to buy my Delonghi espresso machine, it really shouldn’t have taken me so long.

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