A night with the flamingoes and my air mattress

When I visited the beautiful country of Kenya I was so impressed with the many activities that one can do in the wild. I quickly planned my next escapade and headed to the Great Rift Valley. I was going for a wonderful camping weekend in the beautiful salty lake, Lake Elementaita. The lake is known for its wonderful camping experiences and many locals and foreigners frequent the lake to enjoy the lake. The hot springs near the lake add a beautiful touch to the camping experience. The Great Rift Valley provides a unique geographical structure for those who love hiking and mountain climbing. I quickly grabbed my stuff and started packing for the great weekend. I was more excited by the fact that there was going to be a festival at one of the camping sites. A great chance to interact with the locals. I had everything ready except that I did not have a camping air mattress.
The hustle to find the best air mattress to buy for camping started. Most of the stores I went to lacked what I wanted. Most had simple hammocks that would not be very efficient and won’t be able to serve the purpose I needed. In my mind I was looking for something that could give me with comfort and security. I wanted an air mattress that had a good material, was light, comfortable and it could serve the purpose of being a camping mat and a mattress. After several rounds in the city of Nairobi I finally got what I wanted in a mall.

The new air mattress proved to be very effective. It had a wonderful design and I could pack it comfortably in my truck. The air mattress had a good material that would not tear. It was also very light and I could carry it comfortably with no worry of getting tired. I was sure my night with the flamingoes was going to be an awesome experience. As I parked in the camping site the beautiful lake was a breathtaking sight. The pink stretch on the other side was an assurance to that this was going to be a beautiful experience. The place was littered with people who were also getting ready for a camping weekend, just like me many had their air mattresses for camping. The crowd was enjoyable and soon a bone fire was lit. After a wonderful night of dancing and drinking I slowly went to my tent to my new friend. My best cheap air mattress for camping trip was very comfortable and I was glad that I had made this investment.

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