How to Use Mederma Cream

This cream for the treatment of stretch marks is also used in treating scars. Aside from the cream form, it also comes in a gel. It treats scars by reaching the inner layer of the skin and reaching collagen fibers. When you are injured or cut, a new tissue made up of collagen forms to serve as protection to the structures below the skin. This has lesser circulation compared to the surrounding skin and appears to be more tough and fibrous.

How to Use It

It is important that you know how to use this stretch mark cream for better results. Mederma cream is topically applied on the areas affected by striae. These commonly appear around area of the thighs, upper arms, abdomen and even the breasts. It is advisable that in treating newer stretch marks you apply it for at least 8 weeks. Old stretch marks need a longer treatment of 3-6 months. Its label says that Mederma cream can show great results after four weeks of use. Truly fascinating!

What are the Effective Ingredients of Mederma Cream?

It contains ingredients that are effective in eliminating striae. When combined, these substances make up a formula that is effective in bringing back the normal condition of your skin. It contains a botanical extract known as Cepalin (from onions or allium cepa) and Centella asiatica. With these natural substances from plants, this cream promises you minimal or no side effects. Also it has an active ingredient called hyaluronic acid.

What Studies Show about Mederma

Women who tried using Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy noticed results after one and a half months that indeed the cream is effective in treating striae. In fact, some women are satisfied with the product more than other brands of topical creams. This is why many women like you turn to using this product that fulfills a promise of a stretch mark free skin.