I am a massive fan of smoothies!

I am a massive fan of smoothies and just like any other smoothie fan out there, buying a blender can become a hard task. Recently I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about which is the best one to buy and what to look for when buying a blender. Trust me, I have been down this road a lot of times and I never understood why it seemed so hard settling on one product until I decided to do some research on my own. The truth is that if you go to a shop looking to buy a blender without much information about the specifications that you want, then there is a high chance that you’ll buy something quite different from what you expected.

making smoothie

–So the question remains, what should you be looking for in blenders?–

First and foremost, when buying a blender, always ask about the motor and blades. You should look for a strong motor and thick blades. If you buy a blender with thin blades then with time the blades will warp and you’ll end up with half blended smoothies. A strong motor also assures you that the fruit or greens placed in the blender will be thoroughly blended into a smoothie. Again, it is good to know what exactly you will be using the blender for. If you just want to make smoothies at home, then I would advise you to go with a cheaper basic option. Remember that expensive does not necessarily mean that you get a wider array of features. The last and probably most important factor should be the size of the blender in terms of quantity and whether it can be a good fit on your kitchen counter as well as its ease of cleaning. With all this in mind, you can then head into an electronic shop and ask for your blender of choice.

Some of the best blenders out there include; Vitamix 5200, Blendtec Designer 725 and Oster Classic Beehive Blender. I recently tested the Vitamix 5200 blender with tasks for blending smoothies, margaritas and soups and the results were just out of this world. Its blend quality is top notch. Whether you are blending fruit smoothies or green smoothies, the result is still the same and the fiber from the smoothie is consistently maintained. Furthermore, the blender is quite easy to clean.

“I taped this demo and then bought the machine! It is amazing!! I’ve never had anything like it… blows all old blenders away. I am already eating healthier. So easy to use, especially for someone who doesn’t cook at all… worth every penny.” Becca Disney

So next time you are looking for the best blender for your home, keep the tips here in mind. I would love to know what you think when you read this blog post.