What’s In A Coffee Grinder

“Oh look, its coffee o’ clock! Yes I’m a Coffee-holic. My hush-rush routine has made me addicted to it. A cup of coffee and I’m back in form! While Barista is indeed my all-time favorite coffee spot; it also causes me to skip my coffee most of the time. Come on! Nobody enjoys lining up for a coffee every day. So, finally I decided to brew my own espresso my way. Definitely, the quality of coffee depends greatly on the finesse of the coffee beans but you need a coffee grinder that could grind them well. So, here began my hunt for the best coffee grinder.

Thanks to the various e-commerce websites that helped me get a few amazing coffee grinder options. However, it also caused great confusion in picking the right choice. So, I decided to choose the best 3 options based on the ratings and customer reviews on various online websites and finally arrive at a decision. Baratza Virtuoso, this grinder has been on my mind since last few months; may be because I’ve seen it with a few people around me. With 5/5 customer ratings and positive reviews across some top e-commerce websites, people have been talking about its unmatchable consistency of grinding coffee beans, an on/off timer and definitely cost-effectiveness. Plus, it is easy to use and has a sleek look.

Next on my list was the Baratza Encore. This grinder is an alternate to the former one because of its low price range and performance. While it worked exactly the same way as the Virtuoso, it lacked automatic timer and is louder when in use. Last, I picked Hario Coffee Mill Slim, which has been considered as a high-performing manual-grinder by experts. However, it can serve only one at a time.

Considering all my needs, I finally chose to buy Baratza Virtuoso – easy-to-use, automatic and delivering the perfect brew! Spending a few more bucks in return for a delightful experience was an easy choice for me.